Commissions Available January 2021


The Fur Collective produces quality costumes with a focus on character and comfort. We use only the best materials in order to ensure our costumes are strong and easy to wear. Each costume is made by hand in the USA and is designed to the specifications of our customers.  Every Fur Collective costume is different, and will pack the kind of expression and subtlety that you would expect from artists who love the craft. We pride ourselves in our customer service. We provide updates on a regular basis, communicate with our clients regularly about the design, and develop projects with clarity and care. Check out our gallery to see finished costumes!


Quality Costumes

The Fur Collective costumes are adorable- and durable! Extra precautions are taken to ensure that your costume will hold up to the rigors of costume performance. Our costumes are comfortable; we only use top quality materials in the construction of our costumes. All of our products are finished professionally inside and out.

Quality Customer Service

We won’t leave you hanging. We update our clients regularly, whether we’re sending progress photos or just checking in. Client questions are answered within 3 business days, if not same-day. We care about you and your project, and we welcome questions.

Fast Turnaround

At The Fur Collective, we take commissions in small batches which are completed in under 6 months. That means that our attention is not divided when we are working with you! We will let you know right away when we plan on completing your costume.

Progress Updates

We send progress photos of parts as they are completed. We send concept images of the mask and bodysuit to ensure that we understand your design perfectly, and so that you know exactly what you are getting. No surprises here!


We are clear about our policies, and respectful to our customers. We aim to provide an easy and comfortable commissioning process, and to create a top-quality costume that you will enjoy.


The Fur Collective is a small business based out of Tucson, Arizona. We have been making costumes since 2013.

Our personal mascots are Kibitzer the red Jackal, and Ilya the purple Groenendael. You might see us frequenting Windy Vista point or Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon; our favorite spot for photos. If you see us, don’t be afraid to say hi and get a picture!

Follow Our Progress!

Our Twitter page updates regularly with pictures of projects in the works, tips and tricks, teasers, commission openings, and the latest TFC news.

Check our Trello page to see our current projects and progress!

Find lots more pictures and photo shoots on our Flickr!

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